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Article 1 - Meditation
Article 1 - Meditation

Sometimes you pass through very tough times in your life. You are not happy with the world around and with your own self. You cannot find a place that can give you happiness and peace. You are not at ease with your own self too. What does this mean? Look around! You will find many other people who are not at ease with themselves. They can't sit calmly on one place. They search for something to do. Or they feel bored. These people always surround themselves with books, electronics gadgets, games or puzzles. They are scared of being alone.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? These tough moments or mental attitudes that create such situations are due to the lost connectivity either with your own self, the nature around you or the absolute Universal Consciousness. In alchemy of space this is considered as the most important aspect of life- to be always connected with your own self and then being connected to the Universal Consciousness. Only then you will be able to appreciate love, friendship, joy of being and inner happiness.

"Know thyself." What exactly does it mean to know yourself? In fact, the path towards finding inner Self is meditation. In meditation, awareness shifts from external world to the inner world. With regular practice you come to know about your true nature and your true Self. With regular practice of meditation, the ordinary conditioning of mind drops and you stop pretending in your life. For example, if you constantly try to be someone else in order to please someone and hear a few words of appreciation, then through regular meditation you can seek freedom from all that is fake and pretentious. The energy within you is utilized on creative, joyous and productive tasks. According to MahaVastu if any of the five elements (air, fire, earth, space, and water) is imbalanced, then any of our five senses also gets imbalanced. The whole consciousness deviates in fulfilling the demands of the imbalanced senses. Through meditation, it is possible to get freedom from the temptations and know about your true nature.

Article 2 - Joy
Article 2 - Joy

In the present times, where technology governs our very existence, material comforts and assets are at an arm's reach. Our lives are driven by targets, deadlines, profits and luxuries. In fact, life has become so systematic that money and material growth is ensured at every step. However, even then, the happiness quotient is dwindling with each luxury item that is added to our possessions. Everything is within our easy reach but still seems so elusive. The happiness, the moment to sit back and enjoy our successes, the momentary joy when we think about living; these are the aspects that have vanished from our lives. At a certain point in life, we reach at a stage when despite having achieved our goals, we experience a vacuum. This feeling of being in a vacuum can lead us into behaving in ways which are in direct conflict with the significant people around us. Many fight with each other to relive moments that once fostered happiness. Many escape in search for some other place that they think can bring bliss. They keep on searching but seldom find it! Those who leave their part behind and learn to interact and love with new reality that life presents each moment are the fortunate ones.

Love, longing, craving and desperation to live for each other are all a play of nature to achieve her purpose, the procreation of human beings. She fills us with her own power to create and nurture a new generation. The moment her purpose is fulfilled she withdraws herself. But once this truth is realised we experience the vacuum, for now nature has left us on our own. Fortunate are those who are 'aware' during this transformation. For them, joy is not short-lived; rather it's eternal.

In MahaVastu, we use age old techniques to restore your awareness and consciousness with the eternal source of joy within. Maharishi Patanjali says this joy is Gunaateet or beyond the Rajas (Active), Tamas (Inactive) and Satava (Balanced) states of mind.

Article 3 - tamso ma jyotirgamaya
Article 3 - tamso ma jyotirgamaya

The prayer, tamso ma jyotirgamaya means 'Lead me from ignorance and darkness towards the light of knowledge.'Those who want to achieve or acquire anything need to come out of their ignorance. With achievement, I mean achievement through the five Koshas.

Each person works from a different Kosha when he indulges in various activities. The results are based on which Kosha he uses. A labourer uses his body, so his body is working as per the instructions of the contractor who earns more than he does. Similarly, a labourer may not necessarily get as much a peon does, who is slightly more aware than him.

If you observe the hierarchy of an office from peon to top boss, you will see that all earn as per their awareness-their life changes as they transit from lower to a higher level (Kosha).

The different levels range from the Annamaya Kosha (lower staff related to doing physical work or performing repetitive tasks) to the Pranmaya Kosha (front desk staff, sales and marketing team). Then, Manomaya Kosha (people involved in decision making, thinking and acting) to the Vigyanmaya Kosha (strategic and intuitive decision makers, designing and creative teams), and finally, to the Anandmaya Kosha (top hierarchy with total vision of the company).

As a person achieves these levels the quantity and quality of his achievements improve, so he starts achieving different levels of satisfaction.

Satisfaction depends on the level at which a person is-if he is a labourer, then maintenance of his labouring body is necessary so food itself would be satisfactory.

For a person touching the Pranmaya Kosha, satisfaction depends on the taste of the food. For a person in Manomaya Kosha the feeling that food has been prepared in a proper way and served well is sufficient. One, related to Vigyanmaya Kosha, pays more attention to nutritive value than taste.

For a person who has reached the Anandmaya Kosha, he clearly knows what is prasad, viz., the food which can take one to higher Koshas and having it will satisfy him. This is what the vedic rishi says in the prayer: tamso ma jyotirgamaya-progressing from the lower to higher Koshas q.

Article 4 - Spirituality
Article 4 - Spirituality

True meaning of Spirituality is to come back home. Spirituality brings you back. It means being in your own self - in your own home.

Suddenly, everyone realises one day - 'What is the purpose of my life? What have I achieved in my life? Was this the only purpose of my life? What should I do to feel great and doing something meaningful? What should I do that will create true happiness?'

Whenever someone speaks like this, he is speaking of some important things left unaddressed in his deeper Inner mind. He wants to know his true purpose of life - to live with it and work for it.

Then, consciousness starts searching for the true purpose of life and a journey starts in pursuance of an experience - the experience of true joy and happiness. But unfortunately, people, due to misguidance extended to them, keep looking for it in various 'Shops of Religion'. In the process, they forgo their priorities and duties towards their closed-ones.

As soon as MahaVastu™ is applied to your home one of the very first benefits you get is connectivity with self. This connectivity brings clarity of mind and helps you to realise the purpose of your life.

People, who claim that they got clarity in all aspects of their lives after the application of MahaVastu™, often confess that their mind was clouded earlier. They were not able to see the clear picture; their thoughts were blocked or confused. They wanted to do something but were unable to see the way to do it.

The moment they wanted to move ahead to take some action they realised that indecisiveness or dilemmas appeared as blockages, thus, making them lose both clarity of thought and mind. This is the major reason why people look to godmen (gurujis).

VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal always says, "Your sub-conscious mind rules your conscious mind". Your sub-conscious mind is continuously picking up information from your immediate surroundings, and getting programmed.

The moment you apply the 4-Steps of MahaVastu™ and utilize the 16 MahaVastu™ Techniques, not only does the space inside your building start behaving positively, but your sub-conscious mind also starts picking up clarity and positive information for growth. You start getting clarity on the level of conscious state of mind that guides and helps you to move ahead in your life.

With 4-step analysis of MahaVastu™, you will come to know that a weak and imbalanced North-East zone is responsible for confusions and fear of unknown. This is the main reason why a person looks to get spiritual guidance of some guruji. He is always willing to maintain a cordial relationship with him in order to keep receiving his blessings for a smooth life.

The state of this religious relationship as well as the person's ability to maintain a balance between this relationship and his other relationships and priorities is governed by his home. Even a wrong location of entrance, bedroom and above all wrong placement of gurujis photographs in the house can disturb this balance. Simple remedies like placing a pyramid and placing gurujis photographs on the right wall, work wonders and show you the way to mental and spiritual freedom.

Article 5 - Parents and Children
Article 5 - Parents and Children

"Why blame parents for their shortcomings? Have they not fulfilled their duty by providing you with education and basic needs? You have built communication barriers, an invisible and impenetrable wall. Children blame parents for not providing materialistic goods, forgetting that if they are able to stand, sit, see, hold is again only due to their parents who are all the time fulfilling their duty towards their children. Have you ever thanked them?

You have made a parameter with which you compare your relationships. Your conditioning is such that all your relationships fall short of this 'idealistic relation'. A parameter which is not inborn but borrowed from your exposure to this world which pertains more to Reel life than Real Life"

(Edited excerpts from the lectures of 'Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal')

Parents' love is everlasting love. When parents love children, they want to give them more than a prince or princess of the world has, and they are sorry that they cannot give enough. It is the heart of a mother feeding her baby that even when the child urinates, excretes and smells, she forgets it all with love.

Every parent wants to hold their child close to protect them and keep them safe. And every child wants to break free of their parents hold, going out into the world to discover, explore and learn. Each is pulling the other in the opposite direction. Here is the source of the conflict between parent and child.

MahaVastu experts come across many cases in which relationship between parents and children were in a bad shape because of -

  • Parents' Interference in Professional Matters
  • Parents' Interference in married life
  • Parents' Expectations from their Children
  • Choice of Life Partner
  • Disrespect for parents

These and many such reasons become the cause of lack of respect and love in the relationship between parents and children.

The secret of maintaining loving relationship with your children is honouring their need for freedom and exploration while teaching them to be safe. Your parenting job is to teach your children to satisfy their need for freedom while you satisfy your need of keeping your children safe. This is the process that helps parents and children handle their inherent conflict.

Documented case studies in MahaVastu clearly demonstrate how this process was facilitated through programming their building space. In one of the case studies, daughter's things placed in the zone of support in her parents' house were creating unwanted interference of her parents in her married life. This was creating problems in her relationship with her in-laws.

During application of MahaVastu, when symbols such as family photographs and ancestors' photographs were placed in the appropriate zones, these became the medium to convey the right message to the Universal space and restored the healthy and loving relationships between parents and children.

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