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Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Sankhya Darshan together form the core of Aunkar Philosophy. It believes in experiential eternal Yoga methods described by Sage Patanjali about 5,000 years ago. According to Aunkar Philosophy, every life has a specific purpose; fulfilment of the same gives absolute freedom from the cycle of rebirth.

Actions (karmas) performed achieve our purpose causes true happiness fulfilment and greater growth in each aspect of life. Suffering in different spheres of life like health, money, relationships and spirituality appears because of deviation from our core purpose. Eternal wisdom of Yoga Sutras, learned from teachers, helps in knowing our purpose and experience the true self. It leads us towards real experience of Ishwara (the God). Yogic wisdom of Sage Patanjali also teaches how to keep connected with the universal consciousness (the God) while addressing day-to-day life and performing one’s responsibilities (karmas) towards their family, work, society and self.

Aunkar Philosophy trusts in all religious faiths and does not interfere in any one’s social, cultural or religious environment. It serves as a profound experiential knowledge to help an individual become a more genuine, ethical, moral and evolved human being. It also works to get better mental clarity, wider vision and eternal peace, thus giving, valuable contribution in the upliftment and evolution of fellow human beings.

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