Aunkar Foundation

Aunkar Foundation is a spiritual organisation based on the Yoga and Sankhya teachings of Sage Patanjali. It is dedicated to the process of inner and holistic development of an individual under the guidance of an experienced spiritual master.

Aunkar is Pranava, the primitive sound of universal consciousness experienced in deeper state of Patanjali meditation. Scientific and contemporary research on 5000 years old Yoga tradition, done by VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal, lies at the foundation of Aunkar philosophy. The foundation welcomes people from all walks of life to unlock their unlimited potential through meditation techniques of Patanjali Yoga and Vastu Shastra.

Aunkar Foundation got established in 2011 after incessant working on and spreading the message of Sage Patanjali for over two decades now. It is a registered non-profit society with no affiliation to any political, religious or commercial organisation.

Aunkar philosophy guides a person on the path of holistic spiritual development which includes attention management, inculcating moral values in life, holistic growth and practice of daily meditations. There are no rituals, ceremonies, mandatory donations, compulsory gatherings etc. A member of Aunkar Foundation need not change their religious faith, personal identity or daily routines of life to follow the teachings of Aunkar Foundation.

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